100% Artisan Argentine Empanadas in Madrid

110 grams of intense flavour – Original recipe book ‘El Trébol’.

All our empanadas (pastries) are prepared manually daily. The selection of each ingredient, seasoning and edges hide the ambitious intention to excite you with the authenticity of our traditional cuisine. We want to introduce you to the ‘global taste’ of the hundreds of empanadas that are cooked in Argentina!.

Inspired by the recipes learned in family generation after generation, in El Trébol we continue renewing our menu of handmade empanadas, incorporating surprising flavours and textures, shared by chef Gabriela Serrano, after a laborious, balanced and forceful fusion of colourful and aromatic seasoning.
None of our products have been chosen or portioned at random. With each decision we have solved a unique variant of Argentine empanada, which, in addition to being a pleasure for the palate, provides nutritious food.

Argentine Empanadas Gourmet

Argentine Traditional Empanadas

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