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Pizzería El Trébol - Acuarela fachada calle Cruz

Pizzería El Trébol, our story

Escarapela 35 Aniversario Pizzería El Trébol - MadridIn May 1983 Pizzería El Trébol was inaugurated in a small premises on 3 Cruz Street, in the very heart of Madrid. In a short time, it becomes a meeting place for personalities of Arts, Literature and Sports, attracted by its cozy bohemian atmosphere and the temptation to taste the classic recipe of ‘La Casa’. Even today, its aroma takes us to our beautiful city of Buenos Aires, where we savored the traditional pizza ‘media masa al molde’ in our childhood.

The secrets of its high, spongy, crispy and light base where unveiled: patient artisanal elaboration with sourdough and slow fermentation. Secrets that traveled with us from Argentina to Spain, where today we continue sharing the original Argentine pizza, also in our pizzerias on 13 Barcelona Street and 11 Núñez de Arce Street, (in the popular “Barrio de Las Letras”); and the pizzeria on 33 Raimundo Fernández Villaverde take away service and delivery in Cuatro Caminos, Orense and north Madrid.

Our personality

P.- How is the customer profile of Pizzeria El Trébol?

R.- He is a loyal customer. Years go by and they continue to choose Pizzería El Trébol. They are the key of our success: their positive comments spread the desire to discover what Argentine pizza tastes like. At the first bite, they nod their heads and throw themselves at the second one as if they wanted to make sure of what they have just discovered: there is a big difference and it is in their hands, in the thick dough with a crispy point. The tasty smoothness of the cheese melt, overflowing in each portion, does the rest.

P.- This sensorial experience is achieved only with flour, water and salt?

R.- Oh, well… there’s something else… To begin with, we work with the sourdough. It takes time and care; it is the culprit of our early mornings in the kitchen, a process of craftsmanship with much foresight. But it’s worth it. That long waiting time is very grateful in flavor, in texture, and it guarantees a nutritious and light intake. That’s why we have clients who only eat pizza from Pizzería El Trébol.

P.- And beyond the dough?

R.- The dough plays a lead role from begining to end. After cutting and kneading, we put it in the traditional iron mold. It will rest again, while we select the proper products for each 19 varieties of pizza. The freshness and quality of the ingredients, as well as proper quantity, is the key; in Argentina we have always been known for how we take advantage of the richness of our land. And do not forget our daily specialties: empanadas, fainá, chocolate alfajor with ‘dulce de leche’ and chocolate cake wiht ‘dulce de leche’.

P.- But, we are in Spain…

R.- Spain brings us the excellence of Iberian sausages, cheeses from northern regions, the intensity of extra virgin olive oil and fresh market products.

Our partners…

Partners Pizzería El Trébol
Partners Pizzería El Trébol
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