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Pizzería El Trébol, our story

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El Trebol is a family history that began in 1983, in the small premises of Calle De la Cruz 3 in Madrid, a few meters away from Puerta del Sol. Recognized for being the first Argentine pizzeria in Madrid, it witnessed the Madrid scene turning into a closing place for great nights. It was in those days when their Argentine pizzas and empanadas became famous. Artists, intellectuals and many friends passed through this small place and it was thanks to word of mouth that El Trébol became a special piece of the history of the Barrio de las Letras.

Our “media masa al molde” with a lot of cheese, top quality products and pizzas in the most traditional Argentine style were little by little conquering palates, from Italian immigrants to Buenos Aires and from there to Madrid. Each secret of the origin of our flavor has traveled here, where today we continue to share that original recipe.

Our personality

In 2014, with the new generations of the family and the arrival of new technologies, a slow process of expansion began, which sought to bring these recognizable flavors to different parts of Madrid. In 2017, a workshop was opened to centralize production and take another leap in quality. It was in that same year that TrébolApp was also founded, its own application to channel the large volume of home orders. By 2018, several virtual brands were created that not only helped to improve the performance of each store, but also diversified the customer, already adding Italian and American style doughs, and incorporating more than ten new flavors of Argentine empanadas.

In parallel, home delivery is an important point and logistics as well. For this reason, El Trebol, created another application so that each local had a delivery motorcycle available in real time and thus be able to optimize times and improve the quality of deliveries. Today this application not only manages orders from El Trebol but also from other similar companies.

Currently, El Trebol has seven locations in Madrid and one in Barcelona. Already in 2021 a new stage began to franchise the brand in different formats.

In these almost 40 years, a brand value has been developed, we have managed to make our clients feel identified with it, which means a high degree of loyalty, and we remain strong, although due to our effort and perseverance, above all thanks to the recognition that embraces us.

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Partners Pizzería El Trébol